Plasma Cutting Machine

2060 gantry type US 125A plasma cutter cnc plasma metal cutting machine for sale

1. SIGN-2560 plasma metal cutting machine can all kinds of metal, with high speed
2. Heavy duty machine Gantry style structure, HIWIN linear square rails and rack, more stalbe.
3. Start control system; easier to operate machine
4. Stepper motor and driver.  
5. Arc voltage adjusting controller, it can adjust the height of the buring torch automatically; then guarance the cutting quality
6.China Huayuan plasma power 100A. Applicable industry:
This machine is widely used in metal processing industry, for various metals, such as mild steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, copper, titanium plate, etc.

Machine Model

SIGN-2560 Plasma Metal Cutting Machine

Working area


Plasma power

Huayuan 100A

Arc Voltage


Controller system

Starfire control system

Motor and driver

Stepper motor and driver


Square guide rails and rack

Working voltage

Three phases 380V

Reposition precision


Processing precision



One year


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