• 2060 ATC cnc router with saw

    1. Big size and heavy duty bed
    2. Automatic tool change
    3. XY axis automatic steering saw
    4. Syntec control system

  • 2040 Carousel / Disc ATC CNC Router

    1. Automatic tool change
    2. Vacuum table with T-slot
    3. Servo motor and driver
    4. machine with Pressure Wheel

  • Styrofoam 4 axis ATC cnc router

    1. 9.0kw ATC spindle
    2. Syntec 4 axis control system
    3. Servo motor with reducer
    4. Z axis feeding height 600mm

  • 1325 ATC 4 axis CNC router machine

    1. Spindle swing 180 degree
    2. Automatic tool change
    3. Vacuum table with T-slot
    4. SYNTEC 6MB Control System

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    Jinan Sign CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. locates in beautiful city of Jinan. It’s a high-tech enterprise, engaged in research and development, production, sales in the integration of motion control system integration, mechanical and electrical integration products.
    Our products lnclude: advertising CNC router, woodworking CNC router, stone CNC router, embossment CNC router, CNC Laser engraving machine, CNC Laser cutting bed, CNC Laser marking machine, CNC Plasma cutting machine, cutting plotter and mould machine.
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