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Laser marking machine is introduced and its performance analysis

Laser marking machine is introduced and its performance analysis

What is the laser marking machine? Laser marking machines use a laser beam in a variety of different material surface type permanent marker. The laser marking machine advantages and disadvantages which to have? Talk below:
     Laser marking machine is mainly composed of semiconductor laser, semiconductor laser marking machine is the use of international advanced semiconductor light-emitting diodes, semiconductor laser module of the machine, the scanning mirror, acousto-optic Q switch, Q drives and other key parts are imported, the supplier with the relevant industry ofthe worlds leading technology, first-class accessories to ensure high marking precision and speed, stable performance, can work for a long time. The integrated design structure, new ways of the sealing of the overall,stable and reliable, pleasing in appearance grade.
     Laser marking machine and using a CO2 laser, the laser has the advantages of: work without cooling equipment,simple maintenance, and electricity can be used, cheap price, long service life, high conversion efficiency. Laser marking machine disadvantages are: printing effect is not good enough, printing plastic pipe when there is a lot of smoke, not printed metal, using long-focal-length print lines thicker.
     Laser marking machine, another is more used in optical fiber laser, the laser has the advantages that: the workingstability, long service life, high conversion efficiency, printing fine lines. The disadvantage is that the price isexpensive.
     Small volume, compact configuration, can conveniently, securely mounted to almost all of the production line, a little change can be satisfied with the existing production process requirements, suitable for high speed,flexibility and demanding applications.