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What are laser marking for?

What are laser marking for?

While you may think that lasers are only useful in extremely exotic applications like silicon wafer dicing and micromachining of nano components, the reality is that lasers are practical and cost-effective devices that can be used by almost everyone. This is especially true in the manufacturing fields.

Laser marking is cost effective process which offers more flexibility in part marking including high speeds, the ability to print real time information from a date or time stamp, to printing part numbers and complex data matrices. Even logos and precision art work are all incredibly easy utilizing laser technology.

Laser marking is one of the most widely used forms of laser processing. Lasers are capable of marking or “etching” on many surfaces without the need for inks or other disposable resources. Lasers alter the surface of the material they touch therefore producing either a contrast to the original surface or a slightly inscribed mark that is discernable from its surroundings. Lasers can be used to remove paint, coatings or etch films from base materials such as metals, ceramics or glass.

With the right laser selected for these processes, the absorptive properties of the coating allow the laser beam to evaporate the coating while the reflective properties of the base material keep it safe from excessive heat.